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This is a picture of my brother and his new bride Shannon.  They were married September 13th, 2003.

My Family 12 Years Ago.

This is my family just after I was born. In the back is my dad and brother David. In the front is my sister Treba and my Mom. That's me front and center.

David and Me

This is my brother David and me in front of the only house I have ever lived in.

David and Me (2)

David and I are both a little older.

Max Coman

This is my dog Max. We got him a few years ago. He is a border terrier.

Boy Scouts

This is me receiving my Tenderfoot at my troop meeting.

Cleaning up.

These are some of my classmates from University School. We were cleaning around the classroom.

Don on the left.

This is me receiving a trophy for my nephew at his cub scout pack pinewood derby race.

Troop 8

This is my Boy Scout Troop. We are known as the enfinity troop, no limits.

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